"Mobile Data Plan"

#4G+Local Data Packages

4G+ Add on Local Data Packages





Free Local Data Usage





Free CTM Wi-Fi Usage (Hour)





4G+ Add on Once-Off Data Packages $58 $88 $98
Free Local Data Usage 500MB 1GB 2GB
(Valid until billing cut off date)
Apply via handset #188*1# #188*2# #188*3#


 # Notes

- “Paid then Use” is a default feature for all 4G+ monthly plans & 4G+ Roaming Data Extra Packages, except unlimited monthly rental plan.

- The Local Data Usage billing sequence will be first consume the data of “Once-off Data Package”, then the “Local Data Package” and followed by the “Basic Monthly Plan”.

A confirmation SMS will be sent for successful application of “4G+ Add on Once-Off Data Packages”.


- While roaming, customer is required to pay for all the related data service roaming charges based on the individual charges of the roaming network operators.
- The receiving of SMS alert / SMS notification / SMS confirmation may delay due to network condition. The content of the SMS is for reference only, in case there is any discrepancy, the latest records of CTM shall prevail.
- The service is based on the CTM Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Fair Usage Policy (FUP).
CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.

Wi-Fi Password Resend & Change

Customer of Mobile Data Package customers can now access here to resend or change your current Wi-Fi account password, so you can always stay connected to CTM Wi-Fi Hotspots!

Wi-Fi Password Resend & Change
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