Wi-Fi Butler Service

Wi-Fi Butler Service includes Wi-Fi router rental, installation and maintenance services.


Service highlights:

-          provides the home Wi-Fi network coverage

-          provides professional onsite setup service

-          provides free on-site inspection, maintenance, replacement services

-          all-year-round technical support (hotline 1000, retail shops, on-site)

-          free deposit



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Monthly Service Charge

Professional Router

$30 / month

Elite Router

$60 / month

Elite + Package (*)

$90 / month

Extra Wi-Fi Extender

$30 / month


* This package can subscribe additional Wi-Fi Extender to cater the actual environment, each Wi-Fi Extender is $30/ month.

- The relevant leasing equipment should be returned at the same time when the customer terminates the Wi-Fi Butler Service.

If the equipment could not be returned or found damage, customer shall make the following corresponding compensation: Professional Devices ( $850 ); Elite Devices  ( $2,180 ); Elite+ Package Devices ( $2,780 ); Extra Wi-Fi Extender ( $600 ); Separated ASUS Power Transformer ( $100 ). If the router includes modem function, customer is required to compensate both on the router, as well as an extra compensation of $800. The offer is bound by the related terms and conditions. CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.