New Customers Notice

Welcome to CTM Internet! Before using your new Internet account, we would like to share some important and helpful tips with you. Please take some time to read and become a smart CTM Customer!

To avoid unintentional IDD charge while downloading a file from any website, please remember the following:

- Read carefully the instructions as well as the terms and conditions. Should you find words like "you need long distance phone service"' "click the 'Dial' button", "fill in the prefix/access code for your country", etc., then all of these commands suggest that you may need to pay IDD charge to access the website.


- Most IDD charges have occurred while downloading files from pornographic websites. CTM provides a filtering service at no extra cost to minimize the chance from accessing these websites accidentally.

- Use IDD barring facility to avoid making any unauthorised outgoing long distance calls.

To avoid unauthorised use of your Internet account:

- Change the Internet password regularly and do not save the password in the PC to prevent hackers from accessing your Internet account.

- Apply for the "
Login Alert " and receive an immediate login reminder on your mobile phone when your Internet account is connected online. Please call Number One Hotline: 1000 for details.

- Install a personal "Fire Wall" software and be careful while accepting file transfer from unknown senders via email,ICQ or Net meeting.

- Install virus scanning software and NEVER execute any programme until you have checked it for virus.

With CTM Internet, you automatically have our free 24-hour CTM Virus-Free e-mail Service to scan all your incoming emails and clean any found viruses at CTM-operated servers.

As a CTM customer, you can easily check your usage status, change your password, service plan and billing address anytime at your convenience by entering 
My Account :

Lastly, always remember to settle your monthly account before the due date to avoid any temporary service suspension. Should this occur, your email will be collected and stored in your account and once your account is settled*, you can resume enjoying the Internet.

*  A reconnection fee of MOP100 is applicable and the monthly rental charge is also levied while your account is temporarily suspended.

For more detailed information, please go to .  Customer can visit any of our CTM shops to subscribe Internet service.  For Residential Broadband service, you can also subscribe by clicking here 

or through our No. 1 Hotline: 1000.



Service Suspension

This service aim for customer who will leave Macau or do not need to use Internet Service for a period of time. Each account can apply for a total of 90 days service suspension upon the first time registration of this service in a year. And the monthly service charge will only be charged to customer upon they resumed back the Internet service.

Tariff: $50 (per request)



- This service is only applicable to Home Internet Services and 3M i.Campus Plans.