Mailbox Service

Additional Mailbox Service

As an Internet user, we can assure you will receive a mailbox ( with ample storage space. The amount of storage space depends on the type of plan you chose, and best of all should you require additional mailbox.

Application Method:
Customer can apply for the service via the following channels:
1. “
CTM eService”   (Step: login  “CTM eService” > Click “Manage My Services” > Select Service no. where broadband  service located > Click “Current Subscription” > Select “Additional Mailbox Plan 1” or “Additional Mailbox Plan 2” or “Additional Mailbox Plan 3” in VAS section).
2. No.1 Hotline: 1000.  Mailbox

Monthly Charge (MOP)

Additional Mailbox Plan1

$20  / 1GB / each

Additional Mailbox Plan2

$50  / 5GB / each

Additional Mailbox Plan3

$68  / 10GB / each

Additional Mailbox Plan4

$30  / 2GB / each

Email Setting: